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Welcome to my blog!!

Hi, my name is Nao Kondo.

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A birthday is June 9, 1982.

I live in Kamiyama-cho , Japan.
The town is very small, and beautiful.

I worked with a husband in Tokyo, but we moved in my hometown decisively several months ago.

Photografer , Blogger.
I began this blog in 2009.


Do you know “magewappa”?

It is a Japanese traditional lunch box.
It is made of a tree and smells very good.
There is a traditional texture, and food seems to be very delicious.

It was time of the primary schoolchild that I came across it.
In Hida (Gifu Prefecture) that came in a trip, my mother bought it.
She said, “Use it by all means because rice became very delicious”.

However, it was very outdated and was ashamed, and I who was young felt it.
I wanted to use the plastic lunch box with the picture of the animated cartoon same as other friends.
I have put it away just to have used it several times.

But I remembered the taste of the rice which smelled the tree subtly.

I become a member of society and will work for the company.
I remembered the lunch box which I used in childhood and had mother take it out then.

In that way I used magewappa by oneself and came to cook a lunch.
I was not used to the making of lunch, but felt it very deliciously.
I felt that stress of the work disappeared.

Then, I married and moved, and environment changed in various ways.
But I continued using it all the time.
When I was depressed when work was busy, it encouraged me.

This blog introduces the recipe of the Japanese lunch.
I pray for the thing that is helpful for you.
Let’s enjoy the making of lunch together!!


I love

listening to rakugo(traditional Japanese comedic story telling)

My favorite food

Japanese food
anko(sweet bean paste)
Indian curry
doughnuts etc..
There is no food that I don’t like!

My personality

I will always do my best for another person.

Things I would love to do

To watch the Ronde Van Vlaanderen cycling competition in Belgium.
To cook freshly caught fish.

What I want

For my family (including our cat) to live a healthy and happy life. Health is the most important, afterall.